Product Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer

Hey Everyone,

Recently I have started to use the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer so I decided to share my thoughts on the product.


Firstly I have VERY oily skin, so I thought that this would be perfect as the product states that it has a matte finish which I definitely agree with and when you first put your makeup on there is no shine at all. This product definitely keeps my makeup on for longer but not as long as I would have hoped. The packaging states that the primer controls shine for up to 8 hours, but for someone with my skin type the makeup probably lasts for 2-3 hours maximum with this primer and I have to keep topping up on my powder every few hours. However without the primer my makeup only last about 1-2 hours so there is definitely an improvement when using this product. So i would definitely recommend this product if you have combination or moderately oily skin if your really what that matte finish all day, however with very oily skin you will still need to top up the powder every few hours.


On the other hand this primer has a silicone base to it. The product is quite thick and it great if you have big pores or uneven skin texture as it allows your foundation to go on much more smoothly. For those of you that do not like heavy products then this is not for you, the consistency is very thick and you can feel it on your face. But for those who don’t mind that feeling then this is great at smoothing the texture of your skin.

So overall, the product definitely does keep your makeup on for longer, but those with moderately oily skin/ normal skin would get the most benefit out of this product. Also the silicone has a great effect on smoothing the skin and gives the foundation a more flawless finish.

Hope you liked my first product review!

Allana Samara xx


Expecting Results?

Hey Everyone!

I know quite a lot of people are expecting exam results in the next few weeks in the UK with A-Level results on Thursday 13th August and GCSE results on Thursday 20th August.

With that approaching I have began to realise that although people say these results are extremely important and for some people they are, but at the end of the day if you don’t get the results you wanted/hoped for and you put in as much effort as possible, then the results were meant to be. If you don’t get the grade in a specific subject to get into your preferred course, then that means that the course wasn’t right for you. It can show you that maybe that area of work is not where you excel and therefore in the long run it will be something that you struggle with.

Therefore if you find a course or a subject that you do well in and enjoy, then you get the best of both worlds really and that is what is right for you; not a course which interests you but you have a hard time coping with it. So just remember that whatever results you get, they were meant to be and you can use them to determine what sort of area/subject that you want to continue to do for the rest of your career.

On the other hand, results are not everything, if you can find something that you love to do and you can excel in that, then do what makes you happy. A clear example of this are Youtubers, they have found something which they enjoy doing and have made it their job. There are no specific qualifications for uploading a video to the internet but they have made a career out of it. So them letters on that piece of paper will show you what you can do and don’t worry about them because Richard Branson dropped out of school and look where he is!

Those results don’t define your life, YOU DO! Use them results to discover yourself and make your decision based on what you do best.

Allana Samara x

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would start off my blog by introducing myself…

Hi, My Name is Allana and I am 16 years old. I have had an interest and passion for Beauty and Fashion for a few years and slowly developed an obsession with makeup, skincare and clothes. This sort of thing is what I have the most fun doing and I thought that I would share all my tips, tricks, likes, dislikes and opinions with the internet. I have developed a lot of knowledge about beauty and fashion over the past few years and I thought it would be a waste if I didn’t share that with the rest of the world.

Also being a teenager means that I have had a lot of growing up to do over the past few years which has taught me a lot about life and i thought that I would use some of my wisdom to help those of you going through the same thing as well as sharing my current experiences, so you can see how I deal with situations that occur in my day to day life.

So I hope that you enjoy my blog and learn something new!

Allana Samara x